Rules Guide

Blackjack Rules Guide

When it comes down to it, Blackjack looks like an easy game. It’s a simple setup right? A dealer is front of you, you and other players are in front of him. The dealer gives you on two cards face up and then he has his own card up. He’ll give you a card face down and if you flip it up, it will determine whether you get the 21 or something lower. Depending on the circumstances, it’s either you have something higher to beat the dealer or something lower than the opponent or something higher than 21 to lose. It may seem easy but you have to understand first the rules of Blackjack.

Rules of Blackjack

Rules of Blackjack

The rules of Blackjack are simple but you need to have full grasp of them. Why? Because you’ll be using these rules to your advantage. It’s not as simple as flipping up and flipping down the cards in hopes of getting a 21. You need to know the mechanics, the process and the options. If you know exactly what you’re doing, you’re better off than the rest of the other players who aimlessly go for a 21 without knowing when to stop.

Don’t worry, by the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll be whipping out strategies as you play your subsequent Blackjack games. Don’t look at this guide as some beginner’s guide: take it as a refresher or an introduction to the rules. Once you know them, you’ll have a better advantage at winning more 21’s than everyone else. But you’ll still have to make some very advanced moves to do that but keep these rules in mind in the long run.

So, without further ado, here is the guide to the rules:

1. The dealer gives you (and if there other players too, he gives them) two face up and himself two cards, one face up and one face down first.

So when you make a bet, he’ll give you two cards face up. Then he’ll put for himself the same, except one card is face up and the other is face down. Why will the dealer do that? So you won’t know if he’s to win or not. It’s a risky game, Blackjack, so take note of this.

2. When you want another card to raise the value, ask for a Hit.

No, not the hit in the face but a Hit for the card. This is the option for when you want to get another card to raise the value of the two cards you initially got. So if you got a 4 and 7, that equals 11. You can take a Hit to raise it up.

3. When you want to stick with your value, ask for a Stand.

If you decided that you will stick with the value, you can make a Stand. This is where you’ll stay out of the dealer pulling out cards for him to raise his own value. This option is used if you feel that Hitting one more time will exceed 21 or if you feel the players or the dealer will lose.

4. It’s either you get something lower than 21 but higher than the opponent or you hit a 21.

The main goal in Blackjack is to get a 21. Once you hit that spot, you’re the winner automatically. But that doesn’t happen often so for safety, you’re going to have hit something lower than 21 but higher than your opponent.  

5. When you get a pair of the same card, you can Split.

No, not split the bill or escape but Splitting the card. This is where if you happen to get the same card as a pair, you can split into two separate hands. You’ll bet the same bet you made initially but now you have an extra hand. This is perfect for when you want to win even if you lose a hand.

6. When you get a certain hand combo, you can Double.

Depending on the circumstances, you’ll be able to Double. It functions like a Split except in terms of the bet: you bet again the initial bet you made (so if you bet 80 chips, you’ll bet again 80 chips to double your bet to 160) but you’ll be given only one additional card. After which you’ve already made a Stand. It’s a risky maneuver so proceed with caution. Make sure you’re familiar with the certain hands that activate the option because you may need it too.

7. When you want to fly out, you can Surrender.

Surrender is an option if you feel your hand is not going to lead you anywhere. You will lose half your bet though but at least it’s better than losing all of it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve surrendering to the police.

So that’s about it. These are the basic rules of Blackjack. Know these rules by heart and in time, you’ll have the advantage to win more in Blackjack.