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Jackpot City Casino Online Blackjack


Are you serious about your Blackjack?  Really SERIOUS?  Then Jackpot City is exactly where you need to be and for a few reasons, starting with MULTIPLAYER BLACKJACK TOURNAMENTS. Jackpot Cityknows their players, in fact, they know the real heart of the Blackjack player and treat them to FREEROLL Blackjack Tournaments, have a motto of “Card Counters Welcome – No Catch” and have one of the highest payout percentages for Blackjack out of any of the online casinos listed in our forum.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Card Counters Welcome – NO CATCH

Freeroll Blackjack Tournaments

$1600 Welcome Bonus and 30 Free Spins for New Members


$1600 Welcome Bonus & 30 Free Spins



Jackpot City Casino Free Blackjack Tournaments


Free Multiplayer Online Blackjack Tournaments at Jackpot City are completely free to play in.  They are held on a DAILY basis and you are given a shot at the guaranteed prize pot.  You are also given the opportunity to do a Buy-in online blackjack tournament so either way, Blackjack players are definitely welcomed.


Jackpot City Casino Bonus


Jackpot City has been in the casino industry since the late nineties.  Since their early beginnings, they have built a strong and loyal clientele with most of them being exclusively Blackjack players.  The casino is fair, honest and has a number of services in favor of the customer, such as multiple methods of deposit, bonus cash for your first and second deposits up to $500 and a bunch of monthly promotions.  Download Jackpot City Casino today, get your deposit in and take part in any of the great, daily multiplayer online Blackjack Tournaments happening now.

$1600 Welcome Bonus & 30 Free Spins




Jackpot City Casino Blackjack Promotions


Jackpot City keeps their monthly promotions fresh and fun.  They have monthly themed promotions with mega-massive prizes, plus they throw around bonus credits, double loyalty points and free spins like they are candy.  You’ll also be treated to special events like the Weekend Match promos which gives a matching bonus to any deposits made from Monday to Sunday.  Fantastic!

So, if you are ready for the best online Blackjack Tournaments anywhere, then download Jackpot City by following any of the links in this review.  Make your first deposit and good luck!

Jackpot City Online

If you are looking for a new and improved Online Gambling Marketplace Jackpot City is and has been your place since 1998! This is an exciting idea with the best entertainment to the online gambling market! This site is one like no other! All Payout Percentages are reviewed and paid out at a 97.48% ratio! (These are audited to ensure accuracy.) The game choices from the site are a pretty great selection Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and so many more! The site does enforce responsible gambling to all of it’s members which is a very important factor to remember. Loyalty Programs and major bonuses are only a few wonderful options that will bring you back to this site over and over again! The online setting is a wonderful option for not only computers and laptops but for tablets and smartphones as well!

Jackpot City brings Blackjack to you, in your home, in your own private setting in a whole new meaning! The online blackjack does require a ton of skill as well as a lot of strategic actions to ensure a win over and over again! There are several different blackjack games to play online! There are free online blackjack games as well as paid games. The free game give you ample practice to ensure you are ready for the paid version before you get started! This is to set you up to win instead of fail from the start! Once you have mastered the free mode you can try your luck with the paid version and get started playing for real money! Once you move into the High Roller world the sky is the limit on earning potential!

There are bonuses at sign up and beyond! With your first and second deposit you will receive DOUBLE the amount up to $200 or $300. Your first deposit will be credited up to $200 and your second deposit will be credited up to $300. This credit will be issued immediately! Once you sign up and choose make deposit, choose the deposit of your choice. (remember you will be credited the deposit amount) There are other bonus packages available online, some of which are the Match Promotion which is basically what it states and is given based on activity. Another Promotion is the Prize Packed Promotion, this one is packed with different prizes! There are so many options to ensure you have all of the money needed to play the blackjack games of your choice!

This online casino is in a class of it’s own! There are so many options to play from online to mobile! With the bonuses offered there are ways to play for free and make real cash! This online site really is a win for everyone, it really is a lot of fun and they do teach responsible gambling to ensure your safety online! The casino goes above and beyond the rest and take the online gambling world to a whole new level of fun and experience!

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