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InterCasino has been in the casino business since 1990 and has continued to lead the pack in great gaming selection, clear and easy to obtain bonus parameters and a good deal of emphasis on Blackjack gaming.  With InterCasino you get a solid reputation with corporate backing so that makes them reliable and most importantly, 100% worthy of your trust.  Play single-player or multiplayer Blackjack.  Either way you’ll get great Blackjack excitement, but multi-player can add an entirely different element to your online Blackjack experience.

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InterCasino Blackjack Min Bet $1 Max $5000

Welcome Match Bonus $500

Over 300 Games in Crisp HD Graphics

Over 20 Variations of Blackjack

InterCasino Bonus

InterCasino has a $250 Free Match Bonus  for new players.  That means that if you start playing Blackjack at InterCasino today, you’ll secure your $250 Match Bonus plus any of the promotions that remain within the month.  InterCasino has been named as the Casino with the Best Bonuses for sixteen years consecutively.  Another amazing bonus that you get when you play at InterCasino is their fast payout system.  They don’t goof around with getting their players’ their money.  Fast, friendly and always accurate, InterCasino pays quickly to keep their customers happy.  Blackjack players also get an added bonus because InterCasino is one of the few online casinos that offer single-deck Blackjack.  That’s right, single-deck, so have fun with that!

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InterCasino Blackjack:

InterCasino offers a vast selection of Blackjack variants and have excellent odds which favor the player in ways that other casinos don’t offer.  Now, keep in mind, it is the variants of Blackjack that give reduced odds to the house and not the normal play Blackjack.  So, suffice it to say, if you get the hang of some of the Blackjack variations that InterCasino offers, then you could come away with some nice winnings.

intercasino progressive blackjack  atlantic city blackjack  Vegas Blackjack  

Atlantic City Blackjack and European Blackjack are the games that you are used to, but at InterCasino, you’ll probably find that your best odds are with the other types that are offered.  Double Deck Blackjack for instance, gives the player an advantage against the house in that it is played with only two decks as opposed to the standard of eight decks.  Also keep in mind, that for the sake of fairness to the casino, certain rules are modified.  Those slight rules modifications are what make the different types of Blackjack completely different than the next.  Pontoon and Perfect Pairs Blackjack are two good examples because they have slightly different rules, but appear as completely different Blackjack games.  Perfect Pairs is still very similar to the classic Atlantic City style of play, but it features side betting that changes the game completely.


super fun 21 blackjack  single deck blackjack  video blackjack   

Video Blackjack is another game where the house has a slight advantage, but the player gains the ability to play faster games.  This isn’t just at InterCasino either, for some reason, Blackjack hands are dealt a little slower when you are playing at a table and not the video Blackjack format.  Vegas Blackjack is also another game you’ll want to try out at InterCasino.  Vegas Blackjack is played with only four decks, but its rules are exactly the same as Atlantic City style Blackjack.


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InterCasino has around three hundred games and a good portion of that three hundred are Blackjack and Blackjack variation games.  Also, included in those figures are the Blackjack progressives that can earn players massive jackpot payouts.


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InterCasino Blackjack Promotions

You will also find that InterCasino occasionally offers Blackjack players special promotions.  You can find out about them while in-game or you might even read about them if you opt-in to the InterCasino newsletter.  The newsletter is a great source for bonuses and promotions news for Blackjack online.

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