Privacy Policy Terms

All of the terms that the users will find in this privacy policy can be changed at any given time by the management of the website and without announcing the reason behind that change. This change can include some modifications to any of the terms, the deletion of one or more term and the addition of new policy terms. This change can occur without any prior announcements or notifications after the change occurs.

The web site will not obligate or force any of its users to provide it with any personal information. Any information that the users provide have to be provided willingly and with the knowledge and approval of the users. Therefore, ONLINE BLACKJACK will only accept data that is provided to it through sign up forms. These forms will have to be filled by the users who want to register an account on the website in order to be more involved in the website and to be able to post and upload content to the website. The information that will be asked from the users includes their full name, their physical address & email address beside other information.

The users who purchased a product or a service will be asked to provide ONLINE BLACKJACK with additional data such as billing address and credit card information.

All of the information that is supplied to ONLINE BLACKJACK will never be shared or sold to external websites, but it will be shared with subsidiaries and partners of the website. This website shares the information in order to provide the users with the client service that they need as well as delivering their products and services that they have purchased at the website.

The website will disclose any of its users’ information with legal authorities if it is required to do so by law.

Terms of Service:

ONLINE BLACKJACK will provide its customers with plenty of content that will aid them in any research tasks. This content comes in varying forms including text, media, non-interactive and interactive content. All of the content that is on offer on ONLINE BLACKJACK belongs entirely to the website and it retains the right to change and alter any of it due to the changing nature of the industry. The website will also publish certain content like reviews and articles for other websites in exchange of monetary payments.

All of these terms are subject to change by the management of the website at any time. The management can make these changes without being obligated to announce the change or notify its users in any way. The change can be a simple change to any of the terms as well as the deletion of entire terms or the introduction of new terms.

Cookies are not used on any of the pages of ONLINE BLACKJACK, so the users can rest assured that all of the ONLINE BLACKJACK’s pages are cookies-free. On the other hand, the pages that the users will visit upon clicking on any of the provided links that belongs to an external website, will expose them to cookies and possibly harmful content that ONLINE BLACKJACK is not responsible for in any way.

Before opening the website to view any of the content or utilize any of the offered services, the users should first check the laws and the rules of their state or their country regarding what ONLINE BLACKJACK has to offer them since it is their responsibility and not ONLINE BLACKJACK’s.

Once the users open ONLINE BLACKJACK in order to use any of the services or in order to view any of the content, they consent to all of the terms of services and the privacy policy terms.