Guide to MicroGaming Blackjack

Playing blackjack is fun. Being one of the world’s popular casino games, blackjack is a great choice. There’s nothing like trying to hit a card total of 21 or something lower than that but    higher than the opponent. It’s a game of guess, hunches and calculations. You hit, stand, double down, split and surrender your hands to win or to lose. Whatever the case, blackjack is definitely fun.

But wouldn’t it be more fun if you could play blackjack on the go? Admit it: you’re a busy person. You got work or school or something to do the whole day, everyday and you just don’t have enough time to get your game on with blackjack. Maybe you have some tasks to do like running errands for your boss or passing the papers for your grade or being the house-sitter for someone’s baby. Whatever the reason it may be, there’s just no way you can drive to the nearest casino without putting yourself in jeopardy.

Online Blackjack

That’s why some companies have taken this matter into their hands and turned blackjack into an online phenomenon. Now more than ever, you can finally take a seat and relax as you flip the digital cards and win your bets as you get blackjack at the comfort of home, work or anywhere. You can do it while cooking dinner for your in-laws or do it while you’re at work.
MicroGaming is one of the companies that have made blackjack into an online hub. While MicroGaming is known for making good online casino games, they’re also known for creating blackjack and its variants with utmost quality and care. There’s so much to see with their creations that you might even feel like it’s not even old at all. They breathe life into the aging game.

Microgaming Blackjack Game

So, are you interested in what MicroGaming has to offer and how it will benefit you? Here’s a guide to their games and benefits:
1. They offer different formats of blackjack
MicroGaming offers over a staggering number of 40 variants of blackjack. While a majority of them are not unique, these formats keep the blackjack genre fresh. Some of the variants remove rules in favor of tuning up some of them up to the point that casinos will consider crazy. Have you ever played blackjack only dealing with a single hand? Or a game where you can’t double down? These formats put a new spin and will definitely induce you to create new strategies.

2. Betting range go from the reserving to the risk-seeking
Real-live casinos offer betting ranges that can’t quite match up to other casino games. But on online blackjack, you can bet up to 5000 credits. That’s quite high for a bet and it’s definitely one for the high-rollers. This can give incentive for more high-rollers to get in on the action.

3. It’s got some of the popular variants
From Vegas to European, the popular, high-rolling variants of blackjack are available online thanks to MicroGaming. Now you have a chance to experience what the high-rollers do at real-live casinos without losing your own money. Combine these with some of the varied formats of blackjack and you’re in for the long haul.

4. MicroGaming Blackjack games can be played at popular online casinos
But of course, can you just go Google your way to these blackjack games? Why waste your energy doing that when you can look for the casinos that have these games in their catalog? Popular online casinos such as Spin Palace and Jackpot City Online Casino have all the best blackjack variants you can try out.

5. There are a lot of bonuses in the variants
Ordinary blackjack games are a bit boring, don’t you think? You just bet and then flip the cards. Couldn’t there be a little incentive to put in more and win more? That’s where MicroGaming’s Blackjack comes in. Some variants include bonus bets that really test your luck. There are bonus bets called “side bets” that when you bet on the side, you’ll win double your bet if the two cards you are dealt with is a pair. That’s pretty slick if you actually get it. But that’s the fun of it; you never know if you’ll truly hit the pair. Another bet involves betting on whether the total of cards in your hand will be greater than the quota assigned. So if the quota is 13 and the card total must be greater than 13, you should be able to get cards dealt that can exceed that number. Then you win the bet.

This is just a brief overview of what MicroGaming has to offer in the world of blackjack. There’s lot to explore in their catalogue so go to any websites that have these and start re-exploring the world of blackjack in ways you’ve never imagined.

Best 3 Online Blackjack Sites Using Microgaming Casino Software:

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  2. Jackpot City Casino
  3. River Belle Casino