Games Guide to Blackjack

Games Guide to Blackjack

As everyone in the world knows, blackjack is one of the popular casino games out there. With its simple mechanics — where your goal is to get a card total of 21 or something lower than that but higher than the opponent or until someone busts — and chances of winning, it’s no wonder many flock to the tables of blackjack and take a bet to see who can hit a win.

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Of course, ordinary blackjack can get a bit stale. After so many wins and losses, you’ll start to wonder if there’s more to blackjack than what it’s already about: just trying to hit the 21 or any hand that can beat the opponent. After so many hits, stands, double downs, splits and surrenders, it finally gets to you and you realize just how repetitive it can be.

Online Blackjack

That’s why since the dawn of technology, blackjack is now an online game genre of its own. All right, you might say, “It’s just a digital version of the same boring blackjack I played in the real-live casinos..” But don’t be so fast in saying that. Ever since blackjack made its debut on the online world, people have taken blackjack and taken it apart, piece by piece. You probably don’t know this but online blackjack now has several variations of its own. They don’t exactly revolutionize or show radicalization of the core of blackjack but with the slight change in rules, it makes blackjack a whole new entire game in itself. Have you ever heard of a blackjack game where you play with multiple hands against a single hand? A bet where you win if the two cards you predict will be a pair? These changes and more put a new life in blackjack.

So it’s time you get yourself acquainted with the variations of online blackjack. If you feel so bored with playing the ordinary blackjack, why not give these variations a try?

Atlantic City Blackjack: So you might be wondering: what does this variant bring to the world of blackjack? Well, they’ve altered the rules in this variant and it might just make you smile or frown.Atlantic City rules for their blackjack are these: there’s no resplitting, they only offer late surrender, a dealer must stand on certain hand totals and only one card is allowed when splitting aces. It might seem restricting to the player but actually, it can be an advantage to the player; payout rates are a little higher than the average payout being paid at other casinos. This gives even the master blackjack player an incentive to try out a new strategy. They say less is more right? This truly applies to this variant.

Double Deck Blackjack: As the name implies, this variant plays on two decks of cards. For all the card counters out there, this is where you’ll need to change your counting system since you’re dealing with more random cards all wrapped up. But don’t be so fast in thinking double decks are designed for bringing down the player; it’s actually beneficial. A significant rule change in this variant, besides adding a new deck, is the payout. The payout odds for some single-deck games are higher than the standard ones which means the casino has a chance of raking away more winnings. But with double deck, it’ll be hard for the casino to do that since there are two decks and the odds of keeping their advantage is hard.

Casinos deal with a few hands especially online since they have two decks so this gives players, those who count and those who don’t count, a good way to win more than when they played single-deck blackjack.
European Blackjack: The goal of this variant is just like ordinary blackjack: get a 21 or come close to 21 but higher than the opponent. The rules however, are different in some areas:  There are now 8 decks of cards (wow!), you can’t split on certain cards (4s, 5s and 10s), no re-splitting, there’s an early surrender and there’s a No Peek rule. But other than that, this variant and the ordinary blackjack are almost the same in terms of format. Blackjack after all came fromEurope so it’s to be expected the rules are similar.

Pontoon: Known as the British version of blackjack, this variant has added a new twist to the blackjack world: your initial cards are FACE DOWN. Now this can make even the master of cards anxious. “Whoa! I can’t see my initial cards?!” That’s right, Mr. Master. Pontoon has all players and the dealer put their cards face down. Unlike the American Blackjack, Pontoon adds a little dash of surprise here. There’s also a slight change in the way they rank their hands: the best hand is the Pontoon (or “Blackjack”) while the next one is Five Card Trick, where the five cards of one hand equals 21. Everything else follows that of standard blackjack fare. But everything you’ll learn in Pontoon are in a different slang so it really makes blackjack feel like a new game. So if you feel bored of the ordinary blackjack, pontoon might be your thing. There are more commands in this variant so better start learning.

Progressive Blackjack:

Progressive Blackjack Game

Could this variant of blackjack be in the same line as progressive jackpots in casinos? In some ways, yes. The jackpot in this variant is a bonus jackpot. Progressive blackjack is another variant of blackjack where the goal is the same as ordinary blackjack: get an amount of cards that total all the way to 21 or something that doesn’t go over 21 but must beat the opponent. This time, you have to make a bonus bet every time you make a bet getting cards. So it plays almost the same way as progressive jackpot slot games: you’ll have a bonus jackpot waiting for you if you get a certain hand. The jackpot may not be big but hey, it’s better than nothing. Just like European Blackjack, this variant is played with 8 decks of cards being re-shuffled all the time. A big rule change in this variant is the surrender: there’s no surrender. So you’d better make sure you’re up and ready for this. This can be advantageous to the dealer since you have no choice but to see him grin with his winning Blackjack hand.

Single Deck Blackjack:

Single Deck Blackjack

This variant deals with, obviously, just one deck of cards to play. But this is where it gets a little kooky and crazy: casinos take advantage of this variant. Thanks to a new change in the rules, casinos are able to rake in more winnings from the players who try this one out especially the novices. The payout odd is higher than the standard one so meaning you’ll lose a percentage of your bet to the casino. There are some games of this variant that still play the standard payout but it’s always good to ask the rules first. You don’t want to get fooled into losing more of your credits do you?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack:

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This variant is like your ordinary blackjack. Nothing looks new right? Well, this variant offers something that twists blackjack on its tail: you can make a side bet on whether the cards you’re dealt with initially is a pair. This is a game of guesses so it’s definitely adds a nice twist to blackjack. What’s more, if you hit a VERY specific hand of pairs, you’ll be paid more. The best hand by far is the Perfect Pair, where the hand you have has two of the same cards (as in, the same i.e. Two Jack of Diamonds, two Ace of Spades). A multiple deck is played this variant.

Super Fun 21: This variant may look like the traditional blackjack being played with the casino’s friend, the single-deck. But you would be wise enough not to think that way. This variant of blackjack is indeed “Super Fun”. Here are few rules changes that just might make a novice or veteran smile: you win automatically if you have six cards that total of 20 or more (without going over 21), you can split up to four times and doubling down can be done at any point during the game. About the six card win, it applies even if the dealer has a total of 21 himself. Sounds like this variant might be your ticket to winning yes?

Vegas Blackjack: You can’t let blackjack go on its own without Las Vegas putting their casino spin on the game. This variant usually has the same rules as ordinary blackjack but this time, they allow doubling down after a split and they more after winning. It’s a little restrictive but as many players will tell you, there’s a higher player advantage with this variant. It’s definitely something to check out when you’re around town.

Video Blackjack: If you’re not comfortable staring at the dealer while he’s dealing with your cards or maybe you want a different payout or whatever, video blackjacks may just be your ticket to that. It’s designed to be like a slot machine. The rules and payouts are almost the same but now it’s on a virtual plane. This variant may not be as popular as the other variants but hey, if you don’t plan on sitting with people, time you got your game on with the Video.

So whether you want to make a side bet on whether you get a pair or to have Super Fun, there are many variants of the online blackjack genre. These slight change in the rules make blackjack feel like an entire new game everytime. So pick a variant and relive the experience of blackjack in a whole new way.

How to Play Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack Online Or At Casinos

As with any game you need to know the rules. Blackjack is part luck and part strategy so learning the nuances of the game will allow you to gain the biggest advantage and have the best possibility to win. You
are competing against the dealer in an attempt to score 21 points or as close to 21 without going over and at the same time scoring more than the dealer.

The cards are all given a point value that you use to acquire the necessary point total. The face cards are all counted as 10 points along with the 10 card. The other count as the face amount except the ace which is usually counted as 11 unless the point total would exceed 21. In that case the ace can be counted as 1.

Since you are playing against the dealer you will want to score as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer must take another card (called a hit) if his total is 16 points or less and must stand on 17 (not take another card).

The dealer or computer, for online games, will deal each player two cards face up. The point totals will be added up and the player will have to decide to ask for another card (a hit) or play the hand dealt (stand). A face card and an ace would immediately cause the player to win the hand (called a blackjack) unless the dealer also has a blackjack. In that case the player with the blackjack would tie the dealer which is known as a push. The player gets his money returned to them and another hand is dealt. A push occurs anytime the player and dealer have the same point total.

If the dealer deals the player a hand with less than 21 points the player now decides whether to hit or stand. If the point total is 11 or less it is recommended for the player to hit another card. With a total of 17-20 the player should stand. Keep in mind that by rule the dealer must hit on a 16 point total and stand with 17.

All this sounds simple but what happens when you have an ace? Since the ace can count 11 or 1 you must decide how it will be counted. A hand with an ace that is counted as 11 points is termed a soft hand since you can always hit and know you will not bust or go over 21 by then counting the ace as 1 point.

Another rule that can be used to your favor is the ability to split your hand should you be dealt two of the same cards as in two jacks or two eights. You can then decide to split the two cards and play each as a separate hand against the dealer. In the case of aces it is possible to split them and be dealt two
cards with values of 10 thereby scoring two blackjacks and getting paid for both hands.

The strategy really comes into play because the player must play his hand before the dealer plays his hand. This is where knowing when to hit or when to stand comes into effect. As mentioned above the player should stand on point totals of 17 or more and hit with point totals of 11 or less. If dealt a hand of 10 or 11 points and the dealer has a point total less than yours you may call for a double down. In the case  of a double down the player can double his bet by committing to stand after being dealt the very next card.

These simplified instructions will have you playing blackjack in a short amount of time with a good chance of winning more hands than you lose. There are many more hit or stand rules once you have mastered these basics and gain more experience. Learn these well as they will serve as the foundation for future success.

Blackjack Is Played in Many Varieties


Blackjack has always been one of the most popular betting games at casinos. It’s popularity has continued to grow with online gaming sites, sometimes in new varieties designed for the internet crowd.

Exploring this genre of card game fully requires starting with the terrestrial varieties, which can be played online – but also provide the necessary background for understanding blackjack.

Classic blackjack and its variations . .

Often these types are named for where they are famously played, but all turn on a point total of 21. If the value is achieved on the first two cards it’s a “blackjack”, which trumps every other hand. Face cards – kings, queens, and jacks – count as 10, while aces can be one or 11. Players ask the dealer to “hit” them with further cards, trying to get to 21 – or as close as they dare – without going over.

Blackjack games vary in the number of card decks used. Single-deck blackjack games are common, but blackjack games can also be played with two, four, five, and even eight decks. In some blackjack versions:

  • The dealer “hits” players with further cards on “soft 17” (initial ace plus six); in others he stands.
  • Multiple splits are allowed; others only double after a split.
  • Doubling down on any two cards is allowed; others specify which cards exactly.

Some online blackjack games come with the option to “surrender” cards, early or late (complicated). There’s nothing particularly regular about blackjack; that’s what keeps it fresh.

Some of the American versions include . .

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – given the locale and name, it should be no surprise that this variety is played just like classical blackjack (often called Atlantic City) in single and multi-hand variations. It is played with two decks.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – The most accepted version of the game. The house edge tends to be a little lower, given the Vegas location, and it’s played in the classic style – but with four decks, making for better player odds.

Atlantic City Blackjack – Single and multi-hand, this is standard blackjack. It often carries the lower house edge at casinos and is played with eight decks of cards. The dealer holds two cards at the outset, checking them later in the game.

Across the Atlantic they can play the game a little differently . .

The Europeans have always done things a little differently and the same goes for their blackjack variations:

Spanish 21 – Does a riff on blackjack, liberalizing the rules. Players can double down with any number of cards, and there are “payout bonuses” when a 21 comes with five or more cards. The use of late surrender makes the version even more freewheeling.

European Blackjack – A little less wild, this version only slightly varies the original (or classic) game. The rules are straightforward and easy to follow. The game is played with two standard decks.

The online gaming world has added blackjack variants . .

Just in case there weren’t enough varieties of blackjack to please everyone, the online casino world cooked up several more. Some go beyond anything ever experienced at a brick and mortar casino. A couple of them include:

  • Gold Series Blackjack Games – with super-realistic casino graphics and sounds.
  • Bonus Blackjack – has special bonus payouts for certain two-card combinations.
  • Blackjack Redeal – allowing redealing of the dealer or player’s hand, or last card.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – both dealer cards lie face up.
  • Hi-Lo-13 Blackjack – a European variant with a side bet on the first two player cards adding to more than 13, less, or spot-on.

In Triple 7s Blackjack the player wins bonus payouts for one, two, or three sevens. The jackpot grows progressively, and can be worth many thousands of dollars – or whatever other currencies players are using – for three sevens of diamonds on the board.

Blackjack variations can be tried out online without betting . .

All these creative online variations for the classic game of blackjack make trying a new one fun and exciting. The adventure some can pick an internet blackjack game they’ve never played before, learn the rules quickly, then try out a few practice games online without risking any wagers.

Learning several varieties can also improve “classic” blackjack skills overall.