Doubling Strategy

Blackjack Doubling Strategy

When you’re playing a game of blackjack, you’ll probably at one time or a few times get a chance to double down. Is double down some chicken sandwich you get at KFC? No, it’s your chance to double your initial when you happen to get a good hand combo such as getting two cards with a total of 11, 10 or 9. It’s said to be one of the best moves to make in blackjack because you hold a better chance at winning against the dealer. But it does change if the dealer has his own Ace. In either case, doubling down is still a good move.
But you’ll need to have a good strategy with doubling down. You shouldn’t think that doubling down on every 10 or 11 will put the game in your favor. You need to know a few tips and tricks on what you should in doubling down. By doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of every double down opportunity in your hand.

Tips on Double Down

When to Double Down

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So what are the strategies for making good of all double downs? Here they are:
1. Obviously, when you have a 10 or 11, double down.

When you have a hand that totals to 10 or 11, you should double down. It’s an obvious strategy but your chances of winning are raised with these totals. You’ll know that once you double down, you’ll be dealt with one card and after that’s it. But hey, the chances of hitting blackjack or something closer to that is phenomenal.

2. Don’t give up on the double down if you lose

Most rookies will give up on the double down when it has them lose. It’s natural since the dealer might have an ace up his sleeve but don’t do this. Even if you do lose a lot on double downs, it’s not advisable. You’re passing out on what could have been one of the best opportunities of winning. It’s all about luck and practice.

3. If the dealer gets an Ace, watch out

The tables will turn when the dealer gets an Ace. He has a chance to hit blackjack or something closer too so in this case, it’s all or nothing. You have a chance to make a hit or stand. But if you’ve been card counting all the while, you know the answer.

4. Don’t double down certain cards.

Some cards were not meant to be doubled. Cards below 9 will net you little chance to raise your chances. Cards such as 6, 7 and 8 will only make you miserable to double so don’t. This may give the dealer a chance to make a win. 9 is a middle option here so it’s your call whether you should double or not double on this card. But for the most part, doubling down is a good option here.

5. When you get an Ace, you’ve got the soft hand. This will definitely help you raise your stakes.

When you’re given the cards, you’ll always have to total them right? These are what you call hard hands. When you have an ace either as a first card, you now have a soft hand. This is the chance on where your Ace can be 1 or 10. Doubling down is even more favorable with soft hands because your chances of losing will go down. And you’re going to make mince meat out of the dealer when you realize that when his cards are somewhere between two to six, he’s got nowhere to run. But take precautions here: the dealer might have something higher than six so know when to go or stop doubling.

6. Don’t double down anything higher than 11

Remember strategy no. 4? This applies to this strategy, where you shouldn’t double down on anything higher than 11 but this applies only to hard hands. Because if you double down on a 12, you might hit a 10 and then what happens? You’ll hit a 22, which will smack you silly with regret. Whatever you do, don’t do that.

7. Careful with those soft hands

Sure, having the Ace to make soft hands will make you king. But between the ranges of 13 – 18, it’s tricky business here. You really have to make judgment calls on when and where to make double downs here. It’s best if you double down when the dealer has low card totals between 3 – 6 but once he gets something that puts him at a better advantage, it’s best to stand or to hit.

Double Down

When do I Double Down?

Doubling down is one of the best moves in blackjack. It’ll net you good winnings and it’s awesome to see the dealer smirk with madness at you. But heed these strategies as you double down because in the long run, you’ll be doubling down with mastery. Know when and where to double down and in time, you’ll be the Master Double Down.