Guide to Cryptologic Blackjack

As everyone in the world knows, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. You can’t deny that claim; the premise of getting a card total of 21 or something lower than that but higher than the opponent and then winning big is quite an attraction for both the new and the old. You can just jump in any blackjack and win with a guess or a hunch. Of course, the skilled know when and where to take their options to raise their advantages to claim the stakes.
But sometimes, blackjack feels a little restricted. Since the dawn of blackjack, casinos have done their best in modifying the rules to keep their house advantages up. Why? Obviously, to keep their money from going too much into the player’s hands. For the players out there, they can feel a little lack in the game of blackjack.

Online Blackjack

That’s why today, online software companies are offering their services in offering blackjack variants that not only improve the rules of blackjack but also give more advantages to the players. From improved payouts to rules that were long forgotten, the blackjack variants offer a lot of rewards for the players who give it a shot. One of the companies, Cryptologic Gaming, offer blackjack variants that will make you go, “Wow! Really?” So here’s the guide to knowing what they offer in the world of blackjack:
1. The change in the betting range
In ordinary casinos, betting ranges go up to $100. If you try out a Cryptologic blackjack, that betting range goes up to $2000. “Wow! Really?” Yes, really. The variants in the Cryptologic Blackjack (CB) is awe-inspiring. You can still go for the small betting ranges but high-rollers are definitely going to be chilling with ranges that truly struck a nerve for risk.

2. There’s games for the singles and games for the multiplayer
Are you a hermit? Are you social? Do you prefer winning on your own or winning against others? CB gives you formats that are in accordance with your preference. Whether you like others or don’t like others, the formats are available for your choice. Plus, betting ranges are separate for the table games so don’t worry if the money you win or lose will go somewhere else.

Cryptologic Multiplayer Blackjack

3. Going online with blackjack
Cryptologic gaming offers online blackjack variants. They function the same ways as they do in the real-live casinos so expect the same quality and consistency you’ll get when you play blackjack online. If you can’t take the risk with your own money, you can try it with digital credit. It’s a great way to practice.

4. Tried out a multi-hand against single-hand? CB can do that
If there’s one variant that can really separate CB from other companies is the mutli VS single blackjack. How does it work? It’s you (with multiple hands) against a dealer (with single hand). This creates a new kind of blackjack where you don’t have to necessarily split right away. Now you have a chance at winning more than you lose. This is a good change if you get bored with playing single hands.

5. New rules make blackjack more fun
CB adds new elements to the blackjack genre that are welcoming. One of these elements is the side bet. If you are dealt with two cards as a pair, you win the bet. This adds a new way of making more wins because it’s really fun in knowing whether you’ll have the cards you want on your first turn. So you think the pair is your first two cards? Put that side bet on.

6. Less restrictions than other blackjack variants
What makes CB one good choice for looking into other blackjack variants is the reduced restrictions. CB don’t put up too much house advantage so they’re always in for the player. So there’s no need to worry if you’re not allowed resplitting or other blackjack actions; they allow all kinds of rules even casinos will deem too advantageous for a player.

7. The variants just keep coming
Some people think blackjack’s rules are open to modification so this has indeed resulted in more variants. CB has taken advantage of this and has featured this variants as highlights of their company. From Pontoon to Progressive, you’ll never run out of good ways to blackjack in different ways.

So if you’re bored of your usual blackjack, don’t hesitate to check out Cryptologic Blackjack. With its vast array of variants and its welcome additions to the game, there’s nothing like being a high-roller for blackjack.

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