BlackJack Basic Strategy Guide

BlackJack Basic Strategy Guide

If you’re in search of a casino game that’s easy to play but hard to master or you just need some quick bucks and you have a bucket of luck, it’s time you got your hands on the BlackJack. It’s a game where you have a combination of cards that it’s either higher than your opponents but never higher than 21. You’ve hit BLACKJACK if you hit 21. It’s the best combo to get and no one stands in your way if you hit it.

So when it comes to Blackjack, you have to be strategic about your plays. It’s not as simple as choosing whether to fold or not. You need to have a grasp of the rules first before you can go wacko on the game. You’re just veering yourself towards bankruptcy if you think you’ll always get the 21. You need to have the wits and the brains to predict your fortune. Oh and if you think those tricks you saw in the film “21” will work, think again: the casino is watching you.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack Table

So what is the basic strategy of Blackjack? What are you supposed to do when you play? As mentioned previously, have a grasp of the rules. Afterwards, you can go ahead and play. Here’s the strategy:

1.       When you’re dealt with a lower card, Hit…

When you’re given a lower card, ask the dealer to Hit. Why? Of course, having a lower card will give your opponent or the dealer a chance to yield a higher card. So ask for a Hit and get a much higher combo.

 2.       … But know when to Stand

In most cases, when you’ve Hit and got three cards but you’re close to a 21, you’ll most likely get a higher card that will have you exceed 21. It’s such a waste that after getting 4-5 cards, you’re next Hit will be a high card. So know when to make a Stand or when to hold your card combo for the rest of the play.

 3.       Dealt with a higher card? Make a Stand if you want to play it safe or make a Hit if you’ve got some confidence

Now flip the tables: what if you have a higher card? It’s time to make a decision. If you’re Mr. Play-it-Safe and you don’t want to lose more, you can make a Stand. You may or may not win but at least you played it safe. But if you are Mr. Risk-it-All, you can make a Hit. Depending on whether you made an advanced estimate, you’ll get a Win with your dealer making an exceed. But that may take time.

 4.       Bet small first then make periodic bets

In almost any casino game, you’ll have small bets. It’s no different here in Blackjack so when it comes to making bets, always make periodic bets. Bet a small portion of your total earnings and keep at it. Increase it as you increase your earnings.

When to Split

When to Split

 5.       Got a Pair? Get it Split

You’ll no doubt face a combo of pairs. They are the pair of cards with the same value so you’ll have the option to split it. Now here’s the good part; if you choose to Split, you’ll be able to play them individually! So this gives you a chance to play out your original bet and if doesn’t turn out good for your hand, you can bet on your new hand. It will come in handy later so don’t pass off the chance of splitting the cards. When you Split, you’ll bet your original bet again (means if you bet 60 chips on your bet, you have to bet 60 chips for the new hand)

 6.       Take the Double if it’s available

There will be certain hands that will have the option of the Double. It works the same way as Split where you have to bet your original bet again but this time, you’ll be given one more card. Afterwards, you can’t Hit. It functions like a Stand except you have double the bet. But be careful because this is a very risky move so take a precaution.

 7.       Feel like you’ll lose? Surrender before it gets worse

While you’ll want to win it all in this game, sometimes it’s not worth it. Blackjack may look easy and it might make you lose more than you bet so cut losses, you should have the option to Surrender. Yes, you’ll lose half of your bet at least it won’t be as embarrassing as your enemy losing his precious chips for one hand he didn’t see coming.

So when it comes to playing online blackjack, you must have a strategy. Don’t think that’s easy as pie; you’ll find out soon enough that blackjack is a versatile casino game and it requires wits and skills to get through it. Have a grasp of the rules, know your basic strategy and in time, you’ll be giving a showdown with your opponents and the dealer.