Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

Here is a great way to try out what you have learned about online Blackjack. This is a fully functioning and completely free online Blackjack game with Atlantic City rules. You can play multiple hands, but there is a betting limit. This should give you a fun way to practice before going to a real money online casino. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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November 26 marks a very significant day for New Jersey lottery residents. Never before has it been legal to visit an online casino but on that day many people will no longer have to succumb into being confined in a hotel/casino whenever you feel the urge give in to a little gambling. With an online casino, anyone legal of age would be able to play their favorite gambling game , right from the luxury of their homes.

While it will become legal in New Jersey it is still illegal across America and this will definitely change a few states opinions on legalizing it or not. As seen on European online casinos, Blackjack, “an all time favorite by fellow enthusiasts alike” is expected to be a big source of revenue for these new breed of casinos. One would be pitted against a computer opponent set at a certain but reasonable skill level. Similar to solitaire in terms of functionality, no fancy graphics card would be needed, all you would have to do is deposit your money and select blackjack from their list of offered games and get right into it.

Unsurprisingly with the breakthroughs in technology we make every single day. The megapixel of digital have gone up considerably over the years, whereas before buying a 5 megapixel camera back in 2005 was the “in” thing to have, these days this comes standard with most affordable phones. Some may even argue it will eventually kill cameras very much like bluray killed hd dvds. With that said with the leaps we have made with producing higher quality videos New Jersey residents can also expect to bet on live horse racing in hd. Imagine being able to place a bet you normally would have go to the racing track but instead of being in a noisy, alcohol reeked environment. Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work to opening a can a beer and betting $50 on a live horse racing match view-able from your beautiful 42″ smart tv in the privacy of your home.

Along with bringing in 5 – 8 billion dollars to the state and adding 11,000 – 16,000 new jobs, one of the greatest benefits about online casinos are it’s convenience, not many people have the time or money to rush to a offline casino whenever they decide to give in to their vice a little. Many people would rather be able to do it whenever they want and with the internet this is very much possible. Rather than having to save up money and fuel to travel to a remote location costing time and needless money you would be able to instantly start up a game via laptop, tablet, smart tv and or smart phones.

Competing for cash online has been legal in America due to a well known loophole in the law. While it is illegal for you to bet on a game of chance online, “not in New Jersey as of 11/26 as far as New Jersey lottery is concerned at-least” it is not illegal for you to bet on a game of skill. This in return allowed for an abundant about of companies to offer skill based games such as checkers and dominoes. This without a doubt did not appeal to the masses as little to no one really talks or looks forwards to a checkers competition online the thrill of a poker match is alot more enticing as opposed to dominoes.

Many lawmakers have been against the concept of allowing any form of online betting and while many valid reasons have been given, at the end of the day it is up to the tax payer to decide what to do with their money and no one should have a monopoly over a specific industry the way most big casinos have, have you ever heard of a casino going bankrupt ? When last ? This is what monopoly prevents an opportunity for more jobs to be created, as opposed to one company sucking up all the profits, entrepreneurs from around america can enjoy some of the fruits that have been ruthlessy defended by offline casinos.

The economy hasn’t been at its highest and with 5-8 billion dollars in sales expected to be coming in, this will only help put more money into the state of New Jersey. With all the budget cuts on important things such as funding for schools, hospitals, public transportation and many state provided benefits. 5 – 8 billion dollars can level off some of those budget cuts. It’s also expected that up to 16,000 people will be hired as a direct result of this concept. With the unemployment rate still floating around on a high, it will evidently furthermore put more money back into the state by having some people who would of otherwise been on unemployment go out and pay taxes. No matter how you cut it, as technology keeps advancing at the rate that we’re going, it’s only right you walk around with a legitimate casino in your pocket via app.