Advanced Strategy Guide

Blackjack Advanced Strategy Guide

When it comes to getting the big bucks and getting more chances of winning, nothing comes close to the complex simplicity of blackjack. It’s the game of getting a hand that’s lower than 21 but higher than the opponent or getting a 21. It’s also the goal of wishing your opponent gets a bust. That’s how simple it can be.

Because of this supposed simplicity, blackjack has been used as basis for advanced strategy. Oh yes, it is simple because of the mechanics that’s involved but at the same time people can take advantage of these rules to wave the game in their favor. Why? Despite its simplicity, the game’s rules often restrict all players from doing anything. You’re bound by the deck and luck so you’re going to have to whip out your brand of strategy to win the game in your favor.

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

What are the advanced strategies in playing blackjack? First, you have to know your rules and basics before you attempt to tackle these. Knowing them will help you understand the advanced and in the long run will help you tackle even more advanced strategies. Second, here they are:

1. Count the cards

Oh yes. You’ve seen the method before. If you’ve seen the movies “Rain Man” and “21”, you’ll know that the method being used for playing blackjack was counting cards. It did win the characters some cash but it cost them their dignity. So when it comes to counting the cards, do it in a way that won’t get you noticed. Or at least do it only if you know your blackjack. Looking like a counter in a table will just get you smashed with a bat (those images of Lawrence Fishburne from ‘21” will surely haunt you).

2. Know when and where to cash on insurance

Sometimes, the dealer will pull an Ace on you. You’ll be given a chance for insurance, a side bet in the game where you predict whether the dealer has Blackjack. If you take the option and the dealer has blackjack, you win your initial bet back but if he does not, then you lose it. It’s a risky maneuver so for an advanced strategy, avoid it. Never assume that Mr. Dealer has a blackjack all the time. But at the same time, use the insurance if you believe he has (if you’ve been following no.1)

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3. You can go ahead and do an early surrender

In blackjack games, there is a rule for surrender where you will forfeit your hand and gain half of your initial bet back and lose the other half. But it’s only allowed if you feel a blackjack coming up for the dealer. But for the advanced strategist, they can take advantage of the early surrender. This is where you can forfeit your hand BEFORE the dealer even checks for blackjack. It’s sort of like a fold in poker. This strategy will come in handy when you know you’ve got the unluckiest hands ever.
4. Know the type of pairs to split

All right Master Blackjack, you got a chance to split a pair. But should you split on everything? Not every pair should be split. It’s going to be a big bad downhill slide for you if you think splitting everything is good. You should know first what pairs are best to split or to stand on. The best pairs to split are 2s up to 7s but always check what you’re up against. Never split 10s and when you’ve eights and aces, split them right away.

Blackjack When to Split

5. Resplit if you can

Following no.4, when a resplit rule is present, take that chance. Not only will it keep your stakes high, you’ll have a chance at winning with your other hands so don’t mind losing one hand. You still got the other hands to keep.

6. Look at your card total to determine whether to hit or stand

When it comes to playing an advanced strategy in blackjack, you must always know what option is best. It really depends on what the total is but basically: if you’re given a lower card total, hit. If you’re given a high card count, stand. The same goes for hands with an ace as the first card: hit lower or stand.

7. Get on the double down wagon

This is the chance for players to double their bet when they get a certain hand. This is the time when the dealer knows he’s going to lose and you’ve the upper hand. It happens with the 9, 10 and 11. The advice here is to double down only when the dealer has a card lower than those.

So that wraps up on the blackjack advanced strategies. Remember to know your rules and basics and tackle these advanced strategies one at a time. Who knows you may just be the Master Blackjack everyone’s been waiting for.